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Wireless Ranging and Zoning Evaluation Kit Featuring Nanotron´s nanoPAN 5375 RF Power Module

nanoLOC Ranging Kit II

Berlin, March 9, 2010 Nanotron Technologies, the leader in loss protection, today announces its new nanoLOC Ranging Kit II RF performance and application evaluation tool.

The nanoLOC Ranging Kit II (RK II) demonstrates the superior ranging and communication capabilities of Nanotron's nanoLOC TRX Transceiver in the license-free 2.4GHz ISM band. This RK II kit provides two easy to use wireless devices for three application modes:

  • Ranging, i.e. measuring the distance between the devices,
  • Zoning, i.e. showing pre-defined zones the devices are in, and
  • Testing the link quality.

The RK II is the ideal platform to prove nanoLOC's ranging and communication characteristics in actual indoor and outdoor environments. With its link quality meter and adjustable RF output power this tool helps to objectively assess performance levels possible. Applications supported include Ranging, Zoning and Loss Protection.

Each RK II device features the nanoPAN 5375 RF Module, which integrates the nanoLOC transceiver chip and all required RF components. Product developers can gain realistic performance expectations for upcoming systems based on the nanoPAN 5375 RF Module .

The nanoLOC Ranging Kit II is available now from Nanotron Technologies and its global distribution partners.

About Nanotron Technologies

Nanotron provides reliable loss protection technology and solutions that are used to protect people and animals. Energy efficient, battery-powered wireless nodes are the key building blocks. These small devices create a Virtual Safety Zone which protects tagged people and animals. Robust wireless Chirp technology underpins nanotron's offering of chips, modules and loss protection software for indoor and outdoor environments world wide. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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