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Nanotron UWB module - the perfect fit for Construction Site Safety

swarm bee ER provides ultimate exclusion zone protection

Berlin, August 1, 2016

“The new swarm bee ER module offers a powerful mix of high accuracy even at close ranges, providing an excellent solution for exclusion zones for construction site machines” commented Marcel Borwitzky, Senior Product Manager at Nanotron. 

Exclusion-Zone applications protect people from dangerous machines. The new module is deployed both on the machine and on personnel tags worn by pedestrians. The combination of high-accuracy (10cm) at short distances allows for precise alarms to be easily triggered at different distances. “Low power consumption in combination with very low latency and good scalability is the key ingredient for success in this space.” adds Borwitzky. 

The new swarm bee ER module features the standard swarm API – the common high-level software interface – is cutting development time and allows customers to easily migrate existing applications from the swarm bee LE Chirp module to UWB and vice-versa depending on the use-case requirements. Chirp radio technology supports long-range applications of several hundred meters with precision requirements of 1 meter while UWB technology allows for 10cm precision in closer proximity. 

The new swarm bee ER development kit plus (DK+) provides a proven software and hardware platform for application development and comprises of three DK+ boards, swarm PC tools, and a comprehensive data package to facilitate easy and rapid development of location-aware applications. Customers benefit from several swarm tools including the node configuration device (NCD) boosting productivity if large numbers of radio nodes require configuration as part of network maintenance. Additional development boards are purchased separately if customers want to evaluate larger location-aware networks. 

Both the swarm bee ER UWB module and the swarm bee ER DK+ UWB development kit are shipping in volume now.


Caption: swarm bee ER used to trigger warning and critical exclusion zones – in this example with a construction site digger and on-site personnel.


About the swarm product family

Swarm bee modules are available with Chirp or UWB radio technology. Both versions are sharing the common swarm API. The swarm product family targets the growing market for autonomous smart items and cuts time to market for location-aware products by 12 months. Very precise low-cost location technology can now be used without the need for RF-design capabilities or expertise on low level device drivers. Developers focus on application design.


About nanotron Technologies

Today nanotron’s embedded location platform delivers location-awareness for safety and productivity solutions across industrial and consumer markets. The platform consists of chips, modules and software that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless communication. The ubiquitous proliferation of interoperable location platforms is creating the location-aware Internet of Things. More information on Follow nanotron Technologies on LinkedIn.

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