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nanotron is a leading provider of wireless products that help to protect and find people, animals and valuable assets. These products create highly accurate location information and energy efficiently transmit data with a single, low-cost silicon chip, the nanoLOC TRX transceiver.

nanoPAN 5375 RF Module

nanotron provides robust wireless technology for many diverse application areas. By using its qualified and proven electrical RF design the nanoPAN 5375 RF Module is the ideal platform for designing-in nanotron's chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology into own product developments and getting to market quickly.

The nanoPAN 5375 RF Module integrates all the required components for a complete RF module. At only 29 mm by 15 mm and less than 4 mm thick, this RF module includes the unique nanoLOC TRX IC and required circuitry, a +20 dBm power amplifier, as well as a balun, a band pass filter, and clock crystals: All required components in one compact RF module.

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nanoPAN 5375 Dimensions
nanoPAN 5375 Block Schematic


nanoLOC TRX Transceiver

High Performance RF Transceiver with Location Awareness and Robust Wireless Communication

Highly Integrated Solution with Ranging – The nanoLOC TRX Transceiver is a highly integrated mixed signal chip offering robust wireless communication and ranging capabilities. It utilizes Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS), a unique wireless communication technology developed by nanotron for the 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Ranging and Robust Wireless Communication – With its unique ranging capability, nanoLOC measures the link distance between two wireless nodes. As ranging is done during regular data communication, additional infrastructure, power, and/or bandwidth is not required.

Adjustable Center Frequencies Supported – nanoLOC supports a freely adjustable center frequency with three non-overlapping frequency channels. This enables multiple physically independent networks and coexistence with existing 2.4 GHz wireless technologies.

Ease of Installation – Due to the chip’s unique chirp pulse, adjustment of the antenna is not critical. This significantly simplifies the system’s installation and maintenance (“pick and place”).

Few External Components Required – To minimize software and microcontroller requirements, the chip provides scrambling, automatic address matching, packet retransmission, and hardware acknowledgements. A sophisticated MAC controller in the chip supports FDMA, CSMA/CA, TDMA, Forward Error Correction, and 128 bit hardware encryption. Support for an external amplifier is provided.