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Livestock monitoring and management

Changing legislation in Europe from 2012 requires livestock to be accommodated in natural groups of animals. As a consequence farmers are faced with the challenge to still obtain individual management data to ensure health and wellbeing of their livestock.

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Monitoring the health of individual animals to enable group accommodation while decreasing medication levels, increasing meat quality and improving farm profitability.

find with nanoRTL

The find technology is able to constantly locate tagged animals and this way monitors their whereabouts and movement pattern. Data - for instance sensor readings or tag settings - can be exchanged both ways from the tag to the location server and from the location server to the tag.


The location infrastructure consists of anchors connected to the location engine and server. Signal from individual ear tags are constantly received by the location infrastructure. This way the physical location of each animal at any given time along with individual sensor data from the ear tag is constantly monitored.



System elements in this solution

  • nanoTAG Hardware Reference Design Kit
  • nanoANQ and nanoANQ XT RTLS Anchors
  • nanoLES Location Engine Service
  • Tools: Ranging Kit RK-II and nanoRTL System Toolbox