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swarm product family

swarm Introduction

The swarm product family targets the growing market for autonomous smart items and cuts time to market for location-aware products by 12 months. Very precise low-cost location technology can now be used without the need for RF-design capabilities or experience on low level drivers. Developers focus on application design. swarm bee modules are available with Chirp or UWB radio technology.

Both versions mainly consist of a transceiver and a microcontroller and are sharing the common swarm API, see the functional diagram below.

swarm bee LE Functional Diagramm

swarm bee modules have a compact footprint providing a convenient form factor for customized tag designs. An antenna, a battery and housing are the only necessary external components to rapidly construct low power tags. The swarm API command language eliminates the need for low level firmware. Higher level functions like ranging or messaging can be executed by API commands.

swarm bee LE

swarm bee LE (Low Energy) is a 2.4 GHz autonomous radio module based on nanotron's second generation ranging and communication transceiver chip nanoLOC. It combines flexibility and integration with enhanced power management and includes simultaneous support for collaborative and fixed location systems (see Product Overview for more information).

The LE version serves applications for reliable distance or location information between 10 and 500 meters with an accuracy of about 1 meter. The integrated MEMS sensor can detect 3D acceleration as well as temperature.

swarm bee LE Module

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swarm bee ER

swarm bee ER (Enhanced Resolution) module combines nanotron’s technology-independent swarm family that cuts time-to-market for location-aware products with UWB technology for low-cost micro-location.

The ER version serves applications for very precise (10 cm) and reliable distance or location information between 0 and 20 meters. The integrated MEMS sensor can detect 3D acceleration as well as temperature.

How does it work?

Product Specifications?

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swarm API

swarm API is a hardware-independent Application Programming Interface (API) to realize the ranging functionality of swarm radio nodes. It provides high-level commands which act as interface with the hardware and can be used to develop complex applications in an easy and rapid way. One of them for instance returns the distance to a specified node.

The swarm API supports three protocols: ASCII, BINARY and AIR. The ASCII and BINARY options provide direct communication between an optional host controller and swarm radios using their serial interface. The AIR option provides wireless reconfiguration for swarm radio nodes.

There are several low power modes reducing the active stand-by consumption below 5 µA.

The API User Guide describes the API commands and how to use them.

swarm bee Development Kit Plus

The swarm bee Development Kit Plus ("DK Plus" for short) consists of several DK Plus Boards with antennas and PC software which includes swarm PC Tool and sniffer GUI. The kit helps users to get familiar with the functionalities of swarm bee module and develop their own applications rapidly. It is available as Chirp (LE) or UWB (ER) version.

swarm bee DK Plus Board