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Workflow Management

For high-mix medium-volume, and high-mix low-volume production environments, significant customization of production workflow must happen on-the-fly. This is a problem in a production environment because many of the processes must be done manually without error. Tracking of workflow and assets is required for workers to know the correct operation and tool calibration required for each sub-assembly. It also allows them to find their tools, retain their tools in a specific team working area, and optimize their time in the manufacturing process.

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Provide real-time tracking of tools, sub-assemblies, production line staff and other assets throughout the manufacturing process. Customization information is provided on each sub-assembly to the workers at each part of the manufacturing process, together with power and calibration information being provided to the correct tool for each job. Quality issues can be more readily corrected due to increased visibility of all aspects of the workflow.

find with RTLS


Sub-assemblies are tagged at the begging of the manufacturing process. The unique ID inside the nanoTAG is associated in the computer system to a specific customer order and specification. Tags are also associated to the production line staff and to their tools. Anchors located along the manufacturing line keep track of all the tags and the workflow process assisting the production line staff to quickly find and correctly select tools and required setting information for each operation.

System elements in this solution

  • nanoTAG, nanoTAG LP and nanoTAG RX
  • custom tags with swarm bee
  • nanoANQ and nanoANQ XT RTLS Anchors
  • nanoLES Location Engine Service
  • Tools: Ranging Kit RK-II and RTLS Integration Kit