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protect with swarm

Collision Avoidance

In specific industrial or commercial environments there is a need for automatic collision avoidance. A reliable alarm is required whenever vehicles come too close to people, assets or other vehicles. The swarm geo-location technology is well-suited for implementing such collision avoidance solutions (CAS) to protect people and vehicles.

Location Awareness for Robots

Robots require to know their position relative to fixed reference points with a building, factory, warehouse, airport etc. This allows for "smart" behaviors to be developed to optimize the function, save time and reduce power.

Location Awareness for Smart Machines

Industrial environments are naturally dangerous. Lathes, Cutting Machines, Furnaces and Conveyor Belts cause thousands of serious accidents and injuries each year. Smart machines are capable of sensing their operator's proximity ensuring that they only switch on when operators are safe, therefore ensuring that operator distraction does not result in injury.

Proximity Authentication

Authentication is required to provide controlled access in buildings. Hands free access control requires auto-identification. Access must be granted without stopping the person from moving, i.e. gates/doors operate automatically whilst at the same time unauthorized access must be prevented.


find with RTLS

Mining and Tunnels

Safety in underground mines is a primary concern for miners and mine operators. Visibility of people and objects in real-time is important to avoid accidents. When unexpected events do occur situations can be managed more efficiently with precise knowledge of where people are located. Visibility of people and assets is also essential to optimize the workflow and maximize mining output.

Work Safety

Every day there are dozens of workers worldwide that are seriously injured at work. Workplace accidents produce severe losses for businesses and families. With nanotron's find products, people can be easily located helping improve work safety and productivity.

Workflow Management

For high-mix medium-volume, and high-mix low-volume production environments, significant customization of production workflow must happen on-the-fly. This is a problem in a production environment because many of the processes must be done manually without error. Tracking of workflow and assets is required for workers to know the correct operation and tool calibration required for each sub-assembly. It also allows them to find their tools, retain their tools in a specific team working area, and optimize their time in the manufacturing process.