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Location Awareness for Robots

Robots require to know their position relative to fixed reference points within a building, factory, warehouse, airport etc. This allows for “smart” behavior’s to be developed to optimize the function, save time and reduce power.


  • Avoid wasted time and power for robots to return to a known location.
  • Accurately optimize shortest path for a given operation.
  • Develop smart behaviors-e.g. automatically return to charger station.


Protect with swarm

swarm radios are used both in the mobile device (robot), and in fixed locations (eg on the walls of the building) to provide fixed reference location points (anchors). The swarm radio inside the robot now monitors location information relative to the swarm anchors, allowing the robot to know it’s location and make intelligent decisions based on this.


System elements in this solution

  • swarm bee LE
  • Tools: Ranging Kit II and swarm bee DK+