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Interoperable Location Infrastructure

Scalable TDOA-Infrastructure for Ultra-wideband and Chirp.

  • Track any DW1000 tag hardware!
  • Leverage the scalability of nanotron’s location infrastructure supporting  thousands of tags.
  • How?
  • Why?
  • Utilize nanotron’s field-proven anchor products. There are more than 500 deployments to date – most of them with 24/7 reliability requirements.

  • Add more anchors and tags if and when you need them – no cell structure no overhead.

  • Benefit from Sensor and Location Data Analytics.

Scalable Infrastructure

  • Nanotron’s Edge Anchors (nanoANQ EA) support tracking implementations with several thousands tags in real-time.
    • Nanotron’s “Sea of Anchor” Location Infrastructure scales better and is easier to install than any other solution currently on the market – no cell structure, no overhead.

    • Anchors are all on the same data backbone. Anchor synchronization entirely transparent.

  • Commercial TDOA installations of up to 5000 tags are running 24/7 today.
    • Short series of data packets following a common frame structure: The Blink (format).

    • Tags that transmit The Blink are instantly visible in nanotron’s location infrastructure.

  • Verticals include livestock health, mine safety and productivity, manufacturing and healthcare.