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RTLS Product Family

nanotron provides high-throughput real time location systems (RTLS) with wireless transmission of vital data. System integrators can easily use our RTLS platform to rapidly develop tailor-made solutions with location awareness.


nanotron’s Chirp technology simplifies RTLS:

  • Ease of installation – no calibration or fingerprinting required
  • Edge Anchors and tags ensure very good location accuracy and high system throughput at the lowest possible cost. Nanotron’s flexible system approach always allows customers to choose the optimal cost-performance ratio.
  • Low investment costs
  • Ready for system-level integration

Typical applications include:

  • Tracking of people and assets in mines and tunnels
  • Work safety
  • Livestock management
  • Workflow management
  • Collision Avoidance Solutions (CAS)

RTLS Products

RTLS Location Engine

The server software for scalable high performance RTLS

RTLS Anchors

Fixed devices in an RTLS system for Chirp and UWB


Wireless devices that send out blinks

RTLS Evaluation Kit

Tools for System Integrators

Integration in Stages

Nanotron enables System Integrators and Customers establishing a simple integration process for Location-Aware Industrial IoT Solutions. The integration process provides consecutively or direct accessible stages:

Nanotron’ s Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) prevent Fatalities & Damage. CAS bases on peer-to-peer rangings and is the easiest entry point into Location-Aware Industrial IoT. CAS does not need any infrastructure or server software.

Nanotron’ s Safety Zones can be divided into two categories. Static Zoning can regulate access into Hazardous Areas. Dynamic Zones are relevant for secure remote-controlled Vehicles and Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME). A straightforward approach could be a tag driven solution using peer-to-peer ranging information. An advanced solution uses nanotron’ s anchor infrastructure to monitor the whole Zoning process via nanotron’ s Real-Time Tracking Location Engine nanoLES.

Nanotron’ s Real-Time Tracking delivers Visibility of Vehicle, People, Assets and Material 24/7. Real-Time Tracking is implemented by simply adding Anchors to Tags that may already be in place for CAS or Zoning applications. The same radio signal is used for both types of applications: Ranging and Tracking.

Nanotron’ s additional Location Data Analytics technology combines all previously mentioned location information with sensor and context information in one platform: 360° Edge Analytics. The unlocked business value supports:

  • Improved Safety
  • Actionable Business Insights
  • Increased Productivity


Proven Wireless Technology

In our technology section you will find in-depth details about nanotron’s wireless technologies.