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Mine Safety and Productivity

Location Running

Mine Safety and Productivity

Business Insights

  • Prevent Fatalities and Damage
  • Drive Compliance with Safety Regulations
  • Complete Visibility of Vehicles, Miners, Assets, and Material
  • Safety Zones around Heavy Mobile Equipment
  • Exclusion Zones for Hazardous Areas
  • Analytics Driven Productivity Gains such as Ventilation on Demand (VOD)

Safety in underground mines is a primary concern for miners and mine operators. Visibility of people and objects in real-time is important to avoid accidents.

When unexpected events do occur situations can be managed more efficiently with precise knowledge of where people are located. Visibility of people and assets is also essential to optimize the workflow and maximize mining output.


Provide accurate and precise visibility of vehicles and mining personnel at all times. Support flexible and dynamic evacuation planning, optimized production output and fuel efficiency for vehicles and heavy machinery.



  • For workers, machines and assets by knowing what, where and when.
  • Full business insight
  • Nanotron’s solutions deliver precise position data augmented by context information in real-time

Optimizing Flow of Traffic and Material

  • Optimize haulage with traffic management. Boost fuel efficiency and provide real-time visibility of vehicles and assets.

Automated Truck Weighing

  • Optimize weighing cycles with automation – associate driver, vehicle and load weight

Optimised Traffic Lights + Access Control

  • Optimize traffic by automating traffic lights and barriers to maximise mine output

Lamp Room Operation

  • Generate up-to-date inventory information and register movement in and out of the mine.

Forwarding location information

  • Mine’s Enterprise Resource Planning system allows automatic registration of individual working hours.


Precise position data augmented by context information are the basis for automatically detecting events and business scenarios. In Mining ventilation is a significant cost contributor for running underground operations.

Knowing where mine workers are and knowing the positions of vehicles and heavy machinery allows for Ventilation on Demand (VoD) – a smart way to significantly decreasing operational expenses (OPEX) and making mining operations less resource intensive.


nanotron tracking technology precisely locates mining personnel and tagged vehicles in real time. Data and set-up information can be exchanged in parallel using the same wireless link.

Customers benefit from having the freedom to pick and combine the best-suited wireless location technology, add sensors and combine it with a Location Data Analytics based decision system that solves safety and productivity related business challenges.

Collision Avoidance Solutions (CAS) and

Safety/Exclusion Zones prevent accidents

Real-Time Tracking of people and assets make production safe and visible

Location Data Analytics to detect falling workers and emergency situations and to optimize production processes