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Knowing the what, where and when

In a real-time location system, tags are wireless identification devices that transmit data packets, also referred to as location blinks. These data packets are received by anchors which communicate to the location engine and calculate the position of those tags. Together, these elements provide the required infrastructure to monitor and track the presence, movements and precise location of assets, personnel and vehicles in real-time location applications.

Supporting bi-directional communication, our tags both transmit and receive data. Location blinks sent to the location engine from tags contain a timestamp and sensor data, including temperature, battery voltage and motion measurements. Messages can also be sent back to tags to configure them and to control tag’s actuators, such as LEDs.

Inpixon Personnel Tag

Durable and wearable tag for proximity, blue dot and activity monitoring

The Inpixon RTLS Personnel Tag is a sturdy and compact ultra-wideband (UWB) RF tag that enables distance, activity, sensor and location tracking in large scaling RTLS environments with centimeter-level accuracy.

With its deployment-ready design, the Inpixon Personnel Tag reduces time-to-market and cost. Designed for business operations in indoor scenarios, the Inpixon Personnel Tag features integrated wireless charging, provides accurate location data and two configurable location blink modes, on motion and while stationary.

Its wireless configurability makes personnel Tag adaptable for Office Surveillance, Manufacturing, Warehousing as well as Compliance and Evacuation requirements.

The Inpixon Personnel Tag adds a high level of transparency through location awareness for location-based services.

System Integrators benefit from the white label housing and the inclusive API, known for its ease of use, to design tracking and sensing applications.

Diagrams - Industrial: Small and Durable, Long Life, Configuration OTA, Certified | Blink on Motion: Status Evaluation | Transmitted Data: Location Blink, Battery Status, 3D-Accelleration, Temperature

Value Propositions

  • Supreme Cost-Benefit: The feature set is perfectly aligned with personnel tracking applications
  • Fast Time-to-Market: Immediately upon activation the ready-to-use tag provides accurate location data to monitor individuals and to support contact tracing protocols
  • Flexible: Adapt to various application and tailor tags by utilizing the blink rate range
  • Simple API: Easily and rapidly develop ranging, sensing or tracking applications
  • Make it Yours: White label housing
  • Scalable: Expand deployments to thousands of concurrent tag tracking

Key Benefits

  • Locate employee and visitors to support processes and safety and compliance
  • Add distance monitoring and crowd detection to support outbreak prevention
  • Create transparency throughout your facility for evacuation and theft prevention and overall visibility
  • Optimize processes and  analyze personnel trajectories
  • Reduce bottlenecks with real-time visibility
  • Improve workplace, room and area utilization
  • And more…


  • UWB RF Technology:
  • Up to 40m range at 30cm accuracy
  • Efficient ToF RF-packets support large RTLS deployment scalability
  • Configurable Blink on Motion
  • Motion detection triggers: 0.5 sec blink interval
  • Stationary detection triggers: 5 min blink interval
  • Scalability: Expand deployments to thousands of concurrent tracked assets
  • Configuration Over-The-Air (COTA): Add features via FOTA, configure wirelessly with minimal maintenance efforts
  • Durable: IP65 housing that resists dirt and impact
  • Transmitted Data: Location blink, battery voltage, 3D acceleration and temperature data
  • Flight Safe: Pre-deployment inactive and flight safe battery until activated via Qi-Charger
  • Compatible Software: Compatible with nanoLES location engine, deployed worldwide for 10+ years

RTLS Products

RTLS Location Engine

The server software for scalable high performance RTLS

RTLS Anchors

Fixed devices in an RTLS system for Chirp and UWB


Wireless devices that send out blinks

RTLS Evaluation Kit

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