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Sensera Limited (ASX:SE1)

Sensera is a rapidly growing sensor-based location and situation awareness organization that provides end-to-end solutions and services in the rapidly growing world of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Sensera Inc. manufactures a family of proprietary microdevices and sensor systems that serve the Medtech, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace markets. The Company’s nanotron division provides hardware and software that enables sophisticated location tracking for farm animals, mine safety and productivity, where its wireless tracking solution enables clients worldwide.

About nanotron Technologies GmbH

If knowing what, where and when is mission-critical to your business, rely on nanotron with Location Running. Nanotron’s solutions deliver precise position data augmented by context information in real-time. Location Running means, reliably offering improved safety and increased productivity, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week: Location-Awareness for the Internet of Things (IoT). More information on Follow nanotron Technologies on LinkedIn.

About Sensera Inc. (Microdevices)

Sensera is an integrated, fast-turnaround, client-specific designer and manufacturer of specialized high performance microdevices, sensors, and components. The Company operates an ISO9001:2015 fabrication facility that is focused on higher value MicroElectroMechanical (MEMs) technologies. More information on