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Livestock Health

Location-aware industrial IoT

Mine Safety and Productivity

Location-aware industrial IoT


Location-aware industrial IoT


Location-aware industrial IoT

Location Running: Business Insights 24/7

Collision Avoidance

Prevent accidents between vehicles, between vehicles and people and vehicles and assets. Significantly reduce the number of fatalities and avoid material damage as a result of accidents

Safety Zones

Protect operators of heavy machinery who need to stay close to their equipment while operating it with a remote control

Real-Time Tracking

Obtain visibility of the whereabouts of people, machines and material throughout your operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Location Data Analytics

Automatically obtain insight into your business processes. Understand what happens and in what sequence. Start optimizing your processes based on real data

Featured Products

Location Running

Open Platform for Professionals


  • Complete ecosystem
  • Chirp and UWB: Identical Integration
  • Tag-ready swarm bee modules
  • Transparent Location Meta Data

Professional Location Awareness



  • Proximity and Location
  • Unlimited number of tags
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Productivity Tools