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Location Awareness for Smart Machines

Industrial environments are places that are naturally dangerous. Lathes, Cutting Machines, Furnaces and Conveyor Belts cause thousands of serious accidents and injuries each year. Smart machines are capable of sensing their operator’s proximity ensuring that they only switch on when operators are safe, therefore ensuring that operator distraction does not result in injury.


Provide proximity-based operation to a limited set of workers that have been trained to operate specific machines. Machines will not start if the operator is not authorized or in the correct position. Machines will turn off immediately when a worker moves or departs from the safety zone



Protect with swarm

Workers carry a swarm radio that blinks providing proximity information to another swarm radio on the machine. The tag blinks contain a unique ID permitting the swarm radio on the machine to be able to detect authorized and non-authorized users. The swarm radio also detects proximity ensuring the user in in the correct zone.


System elements in this solution

  • swarm bee LE
  • Tools: Ranging Kit II and swarm bee DK+