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Proven Wireless Technology

Since the middle of the 1990’s nanotron has been developing fresh ideas in the area of wireless communications. This research has resulted in the following proven wireless technologies:


(Chirp Spread Spectrum)

Chirp pulses have always been used in Radar applications for precise target locating based on Time of Arrival (TOA) estimation. CSS is a modern modulation scheme which utilizes chirp pulses for communication. The CSS signal can conveniently be used for Time of Arrival (TOA) estimation, simultaneously to the communication process. Versions of CSS have been standardized in IEEE 802.15.4a and IEC/ISO 24730-5. nanotron Technologies provides CSS technology in mixed signal RF transceiver ICs.


(Symmetrical Double-Sided Two Way Ranging)

Is a patented messaging scheme which allows ranging (TOF measurement) between simple, low cost transceiver devices. In particular, the time base offset, which is always present between independent mobile devices and which makes precise TOF measurements difficult, is eliminated. As SDS-TWR can technically be applied on any modulation scheme, we use it in our CSS based ranging applications.


(Time Of Flight)-Ranging

Based on Time Of Flight measurements the physical distance between two devices can be estimated. This process is called “ranging”. Although TOF measurements are subject to multipath effects (like any wireless technology) the precision which can be achieved in comparison with other methods e.g. Receive Signal Strength is significantly higher. We, nanotron Technologies, introduced the first commercially affordable chip solution with ranging capabilities to the market. Based on TOF estimation accurate zoning, secure access and virtual safety zone applications are possible.


(Time Difference of Arrival)-Real Time Locating Systems

With the ability of generating precise TOA stamps on chip level, systems which utilize the TDOA between different infrastructure devices (location anchors) can be built. TDOA systems usually require significant effort for synchronizing the location anchors and for actually estimating the location of a device. With multipath protected wireless synchronization in-between the location anchors nanotron owns the “Sea of Anchors” technology. This provides highly scalable deployment sizes by just adding anchors and tags into the same network without overhead.